What Can You Do That?

Are you able to leave me? You could never love me.

What you need to hate me? I've you need. 

Do you want to forget? You never wanted me to remind you. 

I Want to Meet and Pick Up My Love

In my town
The rain made ​​souvenirs
Allow you to take home
But make your own rainbow

The Guts For Love

I Like The Invisible, but The Smell ..
Such as 'Fragrant' ..

I Like The Intangible, but it Feels ..
Such as 'Wind' ..

Man's love

Man's love is love is full of secrets. The man is a creature of mysterious and not easily predictable. Likewise with love man, very mysterious and full of surprises. If a man had fallen in love, then life will usually change the habits that often does.
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Love Story

10 years ago
He is the love that I can’t reach
I can only stare at the shadows behind him
My hands can’t reach him
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You Are Always In My Heart

The Sincere Love In My Heart
Has Blossomed Because Of You
Heart That Is Now No Longer Dark
Has Been Shining For You
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